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It’s time to take your trading knowledge to the next level! If you want more advanced Swag Academy videos, early access to all YouTube videos, the ability to take robust quizzes, and access to the most customizable and one of the biggest communities in the industry, we’re right in front of you.


Yerppp! The program you guys have inquired about. The Swag Academy’s educational program will build upon the foundation you learned in the free learning program we have here, or on our free YouTube channel. The video below gives you an in-depth walkthrough to the entire program! Please, take a few minutes out of your day to watch it so you have a clear understanding on how the program works, how the community works, how the quizzes work, and how you can get the most out of The Swag Academy.


The Swag Academy is the home of the #1 FOREX YouTube channel in the world. When we say “Day Trading Forex Simplified,” we don’t mean trading in the market is easy. We mean, we break down a very complex market in a way where it’s easy to grasp and understand! Our valued educational course is jam-packed with an infinite value. Here are the benefits of joining:

Course Outline

Everything we believe you need to understand Forex is here. We cover A LOT within the paid course. If we put that much material in the “Free Learning” Section on the website, imagine what the paid course looks like. If there’s something you feel is missing, we have a suggestion box where you can suggest a particular type of video we may have missed that you’d like to see. Once we see your suggestion, we’ll take it into consideration and try to get it up as soon as we can.

The videos are fun, clever, and light-hearted as we try our best not to make them boring and monotonous. Almost every video within the course has a PDF attached so you can download a copy of some of our best notes from the section. Not only are there technical videos inside, but there are a wide range of Fundamentals inside as well! Lastly, by installing over 20 Quizzes here, you really have a chance to show how much you’re understanding which can boost your confidence!

This is not just a course. It’s an EXPERIENCE. Simply just having videos on a website is easy. It’s different when you impact people with a once in a lifetime experience. You won’t get this any where else.

Although it is digital content and 100% of colleges and 99% of those selling an online program don’t offer refunds, we’re proud to give you a refund if you meet our refund policy which isn’t strict at all! Our refund policy can be found here. You can rest easy knowing that you have a Plan B in case you don’t like what’s inside.

We really TRADE here! A lot of people just give signals or post MT4 screenshots after their winning trades and that’s it. We believe a walkthrough process for wins AND losses is necessary for growth!

There’s a reason you all gravitate towards me first on YouTube over any other YouTuber. No other course has ME. You won’t regret it!

The Swag Academy Program

Ready to take your trading knowledge to the next level? It’s time to finalize your foundation and start learning how to trade with like-minded entrepreneurs! Have fun inside. It’s a party.

10 Lessons
54 Topics

Inside the Program

Want to be a part of a community of traders? Join now! You don’t have to sign 3 people up. You don’t have to pay a crazy monthly membership. Upon joining, you’ll get access to everything The Swag Academy has to offer. Don’t forget that we always add new content and new features inside the Academy to continually enhance your experience as best as we can.

As you see on our show: Secure The Swag, a lot went into putting this academy together and still does! We try to balance answering your questions while you’re studying the course. We always try to add new videos to the academy as well as the markets are always changing. If there’s any suggestions on how to make the academy better, we try to implement them asap! Some videos are 10 minutes long, while others are 45 minutes to an hour. We believe we’ve created a masterpiece where anyone can join and understand the market better than they did initially. Trading in the market is NOT easy and no strategy is 100% guaranteed, but we try and simplify a complex industry and help you create your overall foundation so you can start your trading journey!
Chris Williams

Founder, Swag Academy

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