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If you’ve always wanted to understand trading at a simplified level, this free course is for you! The Swag Academy Free Course helps beginners & intermediate aspiring traders learn the Forex market.


Welcome gang! This free course will provide the entire foundation to your Forex knowledge. If you are truly a beginner, this course will be your best friend over the next few weeks. The video below gives you an in-depth walkthrough to the free course. Take a few minutes out of your day to watch it so you have a clear understanding of everything outlined!

Learning Path

Below is the outlined course and the level of difficulty associated with it. Start from the beginning and work your way through it!

Divided by Level

Course Outline

For the absolute beginner who doesn’t know a single thing about day trading!

This section will help you identify who to trade with and things to stay away from.

From analyzing a chart to understanding the news, this portion will shape your technical and fundamental analysis skills.

To finalize your beginner’s knowledge in day trading, we cap it off with understanding the risks associated with trading as well as training your mental toughness when it comes to this market.


This written course covers the beginning of Forex, technical analysis, risk management, different types of brokers, and a lot more! After going through all of the content, you will have a true understanding of how trading in the Foreign Exchange market works. There is a lot of beginner’s information in here, which is why we made it free to access!

What You’ll Get:

A-Z Beginners Course on Day Trading
Understand How Trading in the Forex Market Works
Ability to Analyze and Mark Up a Chart From Scratch
Enough of an Understanding to Open a Demo Account
Enough Knowledge to Decide Whether You Want to Pursue Learning Further


Ready to create your foundation to your Forex Trading? The time is now. Remember to take your time but most importantly, have fun!

10 Lessons
54 Topics


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