Should I Invest in a Forex Program?

Seems ironic because you’re reading a blog from someone who has an educational program, but that answer completely depends on your preferences. I’ll break it down for you.

There is SO much information online at your disposal for free. You can research virtually anything and come across some good information. If your goal is to learn as much as possible and you don’t want to spend any money, then yes. Continue to learn for free. Learn on YouTube, read books, or see if someone has a free course available (like The Swag Academy has a free Forex course).

The reason why there are actual programs out there in the world is to cut through all of that information online. If you’re trying to learn something and you search on Google, you’ll have about 20 tabs open and a few of those tabs are contradicting each other. With a program, you’re able to get all the information, consolidated right in front of you; based on that person’s experience.

You are also able to ask questions, potentially take some fun quizzes, and most importantly, have a community of traders around you who are either learning just like you, or may be a step ahead of you and you can talk with.

Never underestimate the power of a community. When you’re on a basketball team, you have a 12-man roster who does EVERYTHING with you, and that’s how you create a brotherhood. It’s the same in any market. If you are learning with other people as opposed to isolated in your bedroom, it may motivate you to learn more, study harder, and know you have people you can bond with.

So while yes, there is SO much information for free online and in books, there’s nobody to talk to. Nobody to answer your questions. Nobody to make you feel like you’re doing something right (like other traders going through the same thing as you). Mind you, I’m an AVID book reader. But I can’t just call Jack Canfield and ask him to break “The Success Principles” down to me (even though it’s pretty-straightforward), but you get the point. 

Now, EVEN though I say all of this, buying a program still may not be for you, and that’s okay. Do not think you HAVE to buy a program. You don’t.

While I do believe how much value a program can bring, some programs can be hefty and not worth the investment. Which is the main reason why I priced my advanced program so low and gave all the beginner information in a modern, urban format for free. I don’t want people to feel like they have to spend $2,000, especially when that’s so much money! 

I do believe people should invest in themselves but not at that expense. 

Another thing you should keep in your mind, is if you do decide to buy a program, make sure the person teaching the program is genuine and has a great reputation for going above and beyond. You want an educator who does that!

 Do your research, decide what works best, and continue on.


For the people saying “you can learn all of this online.” 

  1. No you can’t.
  2. I’d like to see you try.
  3. Goodluck. 

There’s way too much information online to try and dissect. You can find beginner information online but no written article is going to explain an in-depth strategy.


For the people saying “you NEED to buy a course.”

  1. You don’t.
  2. Get as much free information as you can first before doing so.

You do whatever feels right for YOU. There is no wrong answer. The only thing you’re trying to do is shorten your learning curve. Decide what works best for you. If you really weighed out all of the options, I’m pretty confident you’ll be happy with either decision. 

*Whispers* But I do think Forex traders should learn from my program, because I feel like I have the best program in the world. That’s just my opinion. I’m not guaranteeing success but I think there’s so much value in there, that you will learn so much.

Haha, gotta go! 

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