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While trading in the market is hard no matter where you learn from, we help aspiring traders understand the Forex market by simplifying it for the average learner through our immersive video course and clever breakdowns by Swaggy C. Welcome to The Swag x GOAT Academy!

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Certified in Finance

This website is for educational purposes only. No personalized financial advice is given here. Please read the FAQ before joining!


Unrivaled Features

The Program offers many things! Not only do you get a robust activity feed that allows you to build your own custom profile, directly message someone, or even a group chat with multiple people, we also offer unique quizzes after every lesson to ensure you’re retaining the information! There’s always something interesting going on inside the Academy.


Our Exclusive App

Mobile Ready

We have an insane mobile app! The mobile app allows you to get real-time notifications when someone comments on your status, direct messages you, or when there’s a new video added to the Academy! You can also watch every video within the academy, take every quiz, or read every PDF straight from your mobile app. 

Our mobile app will be released shortly. Stay tuned for updates as we are going through the final approval stages with the Google Play and the App Store.


We offer different languages

Want to learn in a different language? No problem! Choose from one of our 8 languages to learn from, so you’re able to grasp the concept of this beautiful market in your native language! We’ll be adding 4 extra languages soon!


We have an Exclusive Club

We think it’s only right our students are able to be apart of webinars & trade live with us as they continue their education! We have a schedule outlined so you NEVER have to worry about missing a webinar or a trading session, and even if you do, it’s recorded!

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Perks of Joining!

Trading Element

A lot of people just give signals or post MT4 screenshots after their winning trades and that's it. We believe a walkthrough process for wins AND losses is necessary for growth! Expect a thorough walkthrough for trades, especially with the webinar schedule.

Unreal Experience

This is not just a basic course. It's an unparalleled EXPERIENCE. Simply just having videos on a website is easy. It's different when there's a step-by-step process that makes each individual feel special. You won't get this any where else.

Continual Content From Swaggy

We're the only program that continues to update our Academy to reflect the latest news and updates within the market. Don't expect us to create one course and leave it there for years. The market evolves and so do our trading habits!

Lifetime Access

Once you join, you’re a member for life, and you will never lose access to the program you paid for. Even if we add new videos to the core program!

Step by Step

Video library to 3+ different courses, written content, quizzes to help you retain the info, and downloadable PDFs. We have everything you need here, IN ORDER!

Biggest and Best

We’re the biggest Forex educational platform in the world. The numbers don't lie. That isn’t for no reason. We put a lot of effort into helping our students and it shows.

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