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    Early Stages for Beginners
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  5. Psychology for Beginners
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Thinking of Every Scenario Before Entering a Trade

Preparing yourself for the outcome of a trade is crucial to maintaining your emotions before, during, and after. You want to think of every scenario before placing a trade so that once it is placed, you can allow it to do whatever it’s going to do. Ask yourself questions like these before you enter into any trade:

  1. What percentage of my account am I willing to risk?
  2. Am I okay with the lot size I’ll be using?
  3. What happens if I lose this trade? Can I stomach that loss?
  4. Will I still be able to get into another trade while this one is running?
  5. How long am I willing to hold this trade for?
  6. Will I be holding this trade if a major news announcement comes out?