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How Long Should I Hold a Trade For?

Realistically, there’s no right answer for this. A good answer can be: whenever you feel like you’re done with the trade. Another good answer can be: when that trade hits your take profit or stop loss. Although micro-managing every single second of your trade are habits of a bad trader, adjusting and making a genuine decision to get out of the trade or to let it keep running is 100% your responsibility, and you must own it. Meaning, don’t regret it, you’ve already made the decision, now move on. If you closed the trade early, it’s okay. There will be another. If you let it keep running and you shouldn’t have, it’s okay. There will be another. Whatever answer lines up with your trading plan is the correct answer.

On the other hand, you don’t want to extend your profit target when you are up. That is fueled by greed and that can negatively impact your trading. What you don’t want to do is turn a winning trade into a losing trade by not knowing when to take profit.