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    Early Stages for Beginners
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  2. Forex Terminology
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    Identifying Scams
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  5. Brokers for Beginners
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    Using Indicators
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  8. Technical Analysis (Part 2)
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  9. Market Structure
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  10. Fundamental Analysis
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  11. Completion
    Risk Management for Beginners
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  12. Psychology for Beginners
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  13. Personal Psychology Questions
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Having a Trading Plan

You must have a trading plan! A trading plan is like a trader’s 10 commandments and you do not want to violate or go against the one you create.

Within your trading plan, you have the strategy that you’ve worked on. You have your goals and objectives and also what not to do. If your trading plan says not to trade on certain days, don’t trade on those days. If your trading plan says not to risk more than 3% of your account, don’t risk more. If your trading plan says not to trade outside of your chosen pairs, or a different session, don’t go and trade something that isn’t on your list.

It’s imperative to know what type of trader you are. You 100% can adjust as time goes on, as your account balance grows, and/or as your personal life changes that require you to now trade a different session. Feel free to adjust if need be, but create a trading plan and stick to it!