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Being Robotic

The reason why some tech experts are trying to create robots for job tasks is because they get the job done… with no emotions. Having a bad day is not a thing for them. They don’t get overexcited when something good happens because they can’t comprehend that. Their only reason for being created was to perform a job. In a weird, crazy way, that is exactly how you need to operate while trading in this market.

You want to consistently follow everything in your trading plan and approach the market the same way. When you see a good setup, execute. Don’t allow fear to set in and cause you not to place the trade. Don’t get over-confident after a few winning trades. Try your best to become unemotionally attached to the outcome, whether you win or lose even though that may sound hard. Every trader has a goal, so it’s hard to be completely unattached, but no matter WHAT, you can’t get cocky after a few winning trades, and you can’t over-leverage just because you want to make money fast, not realizing you will lose just as fast.

Remember, I’m not saying you cannot be happy that you won or sad that it didn’t go your way. I’m just saying do not allow those emotions to affect you and act out in your trading. If you won, great! Do more of what you did to win. If you lost, tough! Figure out where you went wrong and learn from it. Granted, this does not happen overnight. Over time, you will learn how to embrace your inner robot, and when you do, you may see a huge shift in your trading.