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  1. Beginner
    Early Stages for Beginners
    8 Topics
  2. Forex Terminology
    11 Topics
  3. Margin & Leverage
    2 Topics
  4. Personal Psychology Questions
    2 Topics
  5. Psychology for Beginners
    7 Topics
  6. Intermediate
    Identifying Scams
    2 Topics
  7. Brokers for Beginners
    5 Topics
  8. Technical Analysis
    13 Topics
  9. Market Structure
    5 Topics
  10. Completion
    Risk Management for Beginners
    8 Topics
  11. Fundamental Analysis
    9 Topics
  12. Advanced
    Using Indicators
    6 Topics
  13. Technical Analysis (Part 2)
    8 Topics

Why Do You Want to Learn How to Trade?

What has gotten you interested in being a trader in the foreign exchange market? I know it can be alluring with what is shown by traders on Instagram and other social platforms. That’s what catches our attention, but after you realize that this isn’t some “get rich quick” scheme you need something that’s going to guide you through this journey. You need your why! Who/what are you doing this for? How much are you willing to sacrifice to get to your goals? Do you have the will and passion to get you there?

Everyone wants to be financially free and to stop working 9 to 5’s, but you need to make sure this is something you can develop the passion for. Not everyone is meant to be a trader in this market and that is okay; you may have the passion for something else, and that is what you should be putting your energy towards.

Know your why, and let sheer determination and passion lead you to your goals.