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  1. Beginner
    Early Stages for Beginners
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  2. Forex Terminology
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  3. Margin & Leverage
    2 Topics
  4. Personal Psychology Questions
    2 Topics
  5. Psychology for Beginners
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  6. Intermediate
    Identifying Scams
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  7. Brokers for Beginners
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  8. Technical Analysis
    13 Topics
  9. Market Structure
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  10. Completion
    Risk Management for Beginners
    8 Topics
  11. Fundamental Analysis
    9 Topics
  12. Advanced
    Using Indicators
    6 Topics
  13. Technical Analysis (Part 2)
    8 Topics

How Much Money Do I Need to Start Trading?

How much you want to invest into your account is completely dependent on your financial situation and what you’re willing to risk. Before you start to think about the return, remember that it is common for first time traders to blow their account no matter the amount initially invested due to the psychological aspect.

I’m not saying that to discourage you from investing what you want, but demo trading is nothing like trading your own capital. In a demo account with a balance of $10k, you feel nothing when you’re in drawdown for -$2k. You may not be able to handle that psychologically with your own money.

Be comfortable with your investment and keep in mind the risk before focusing solely on the return. There are traders who start with as little as $20, $50, $100 and traders who start with $2,000, $5,000, and $10,000. Only you can decide how much to invest, but there really isn’t a minimum or maximum amount.