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  1. Beginner
    Early Stages for Beginners
    8 Topics
  2. Forex Terminology
    11 Topics
  3. Margin & Leverage
    2 Topics
  4. Personal Psychology Questions
    2 Topics
  5. Psychology for Beginners
    7 Topics
  6. Intermediate
    Identifying Scams
    2 Topics
  7. Brokers for Beginners
    5 Topics
  8. Technical Analysis
    13 Topics
  9. Market Structure
    5 Topics
  10. Completion
    Risk Management for Beginners
    8 Topics
  11. Fundamental Analysis
    9 Topics
  12. Advanced
    Using Indicators
    6 Topics
  13. Technical Analysis (Part 2)
    8 Topics

Swag Academy Impersonators

A lot of people will hit me up saying they just invested with me via Telegram or What’sApp. THAT IS A SCAM! Please understand that. I have a whole section dedicated to that in the menu dropdown tab above, but please keep that in mind. If someone is trying to talk to you on ANY app other than MY INSTAGRAM: @swaggyctv, which is VERIFIED by Instagram, or on THIS Swag Academy platform once you login, it is NOT me. Do NOT join these channels if you think you are joining an official Swag Academy telegram chat. There is no such thing.

I, Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams, will never ask you for money, will never guarantee a return towards you, will never invest FOR YOU, and will never sell you on a bot. If I do, that is 100% without a doubt someone using one of my pictures on social media and pretending that they’re me.

Please research if you’re talking to the real Swaggy C before you decide to do anything. I only have ONE paid service: It’s THIS educational course. This course does NOT guarantee that you’ll make money and/or have a return of 300%, nor does it have any secret algorithm, or promote any copy & paste signals. This is the ONLY paid service I have. My YouTube channel is free. My Instagram at @swaggyctv is completely free, and I will never slide in your DM’s first to promote ANYTHING.