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Where Beginners Can Find the News

If you Google: “Forex news” right now, you will get MILLIONS of results. It’s wild!

There’s too much information on the internet to read through, and it can easily confuse a new Forex trader.

Knowing that, you still need to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world. That can be the difference between being in a good trade or a bad trade!

A lot of platforms offer rumors about the news and how the market reacted to the news on their website for free. As a brand new trader, forexfactory.com is a great start to finding upcoming news events for currencies that you are trading.

Forex Factory makes it SUPER easy to see how impactful news announcement will be. If you see a RED folder next to a certain announcement, it means it should have a high impact on the market! Orange means medium impact, and yellow means low impact.

Forex Factory also has all of the information you need regarding currency news as they also provide articles for you to read.

Aside from Forex Factory, many Forex brokers have live news feeds directly on their platform so you can quickly understand what’s going on.

On the right side of TradingView, they also have a news section that takes some of the most trusted sources across the globe and puts their articles right in front of you for you to see, right when you’re marking up charts!

Within the Swag Academy, we also highlight major news announcements and provide a detailed description on what the rumors are leading up to the news, the pairs we believe will personally be affected by it due to how the charts look technically, and how the market reacted to the news, setting up potential trade opportunities for the upcoming weeks.

As a Forex trader, your responsibility is to develop a solid trading strategy and respond rapidly to the news. Your strategy should include whether you want to trade it or not, but BEWARE! Trading in the market during a major news announcement is extremely risky.

In this scenario, using a well-rounded risk management strategy might save you from losing your entire account off of a dumb mistake.

Take your time to understand how fundamentals affect the market and incorporate how you will react to certain announcements into your trading strategy.