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The correlation between Inflation and the GDP is huge! First off: Inflation is the cost of a basket of goods in that particular country. Just like GDP shows how well an economy is doing, inflation measures how expensive an economy is; right now and over time. When someone says inflation has been occurring within ____ country since 1995, all they’re saying is, it’s getting more and more expensive to live here!

Inflation is lowkey directly affected by GDP growth over time too! Remember. GDP reflects how WELL an economy is doing. If an economy is doing well and HAS been for a number of years, what do you think they’re going to do with prices? Raise them naturally! A can of soda was a nickel for 70 years. 25cents in the 60’s, 40 cents in the 70s, 80 cents in the 90s, and now at a convenience store, it’ll probably cost $1.39! Slow growth over time is better than hyperinflation; which turns the cost of goods and service to increase dramatically and fast.

Too low of a GDP or a GDP not getting better is hard for businesses to scale their company as big as they want because the economy as a whole isn’t doing as well. Too high of a GDP is bad too because it means the country is expanding rapidly, which means inflation has to rise as well! An ideal world would be for both to slowly grow at the same time. Deflation (opposite of inflation) can also be bad as well because it means the economy isn’t growing as it should be; whether it’s remaining stable or getting worse.