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  1. Beginner
    Early Stages for Beginners
    8 Topics
  2. Forex Terminology
    11 Topics
  3. Margin & Leverage
    2 Topics
  4. Personal Psychology Questions
    2 Topics
  5. Psychology for Beginners
    7 Topics
  6. Intermediate
    Identifying Scams
    2 Topics
  7. Brokers for Beginners
    5 Topics
  8. Technical Analysis
    13 Topics
  9. Market Structure
    5 Topics
  10. Completion
    Risk Management for Beginners
    8 Topics
  11. Fundamental Analysis
    9 Topics
  12. Advanced
    Using Indicators
    6 Topics
  13. Technical Analysis (Part 2)
    8 Topics

Is Forex That Thing I See on Social Media

I’m so glad to have you a part of The Swag Academy family! This free course will provide the entire foundation to your Forex knowledge. If you are truly a beginner, this course will be your best friend over the next few weeks. It provides a TRUE A-Z framework that will give you the skills to understand how the market works. This course will not sugar coat anything or only have surface-leveled information. We will provide enough information for you to understand Forex as a beginner, and by the end of this written course, you will 100% know in your heart if you want to go further in learning about the market, and actually want to join the real Swag Academy community.

This written course covers the beginning of Forex, technical analysis, risk management, different types of brokers, and a lot more! After going through all of the content, you will have a true understanding of how trading in the Foreign Exchange market works. There is a lot of beginner’s information in here, which is why we made it free to access!

Take your time. Pace yourself and hopefully, you’ll come out wanting to learn more about the Forex market and having a community of support behind you! That’s where the real value of the paid course is at!

Enjoy the free learning.

So before you start reading this with a preconceived notion that Forex is a major scam, let me start this off by saying this is NOT what you see on social media. Well, technically it’s exactly what you see on social media, but MLM’s ruined the reputation of something that was once considered a financial market by EVERYONE just like stocks and other industries.

If you’ve heard of Forex before, someone tried to recruit you and preach “financial independence” as long as you sign 3 people up under you and have them sign 3 people up, and so on and so forth. That. Is. Not. Forex. That is called Multi-Level-Marketing and MLM’s are in every industry.

We’ll touch more on MLM’s later on, but just know, you do not have to sign 3 people up to trade Forex. If you take away the small one-percenters of MLMs out of the Forex world, 99% of the world would trade Forex the way it should be traded: off the strength of your own mind.

There’s nothing wrong with investing in learning how to trade; whether it’s investing your time with free content on YouTube, The Swag Academy, BabyPips, or even books you can order from Amazon such as: 10 Essentials of Forex Trading, Naked Forex, and others (I do NOT get paid to refer them). My issue is MLMers force-feeding Forex down everyone’s throats as if everyone MUST be trading Forex, and if they don’t, they either don’t want success, or they don’t love their mom. I heard of a student in an MLM who wanted to quit MLM and refused to pay the next monthly fee, and the “mentor” in the MLM sent him back a picture of his mom at work. 😂 They literally have no chill!

Anyway, I just wanted to get that out of the way before you embark on a journey of learning what Forex is and how you can day trade.

No MLM’s.

No recruitment.

No monthly fees.



Simply understanding the education presented, connecting with like-minded individuals who are learning the same thing you’re doing, and then making your own decisions in the financial markets.

Now, if you’ve never even heard of Forex before, please ignore everything that was written above. 😅 No, but seriously, keep it in your mind. But if you’re brand-spanking new to the market – and I have no idea why I said brand-spanking, but we’re going to roll with it… then let’s have fun and learn about the beautiful market that’s called Forex!