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Access to All Pairs

Also, unregulated brokers let you trade WHATEVER you want, whereas regulated brokers do not because…. They’re regulated. This means you can trade Gold LEVERAGED, whereas Forex.com (the #1 regulated broker in the US) lets you trade Gold, just not on leverage. So whatever position you open, you have to raise that amount of money in your account. Other regulated brokers like Oanda don’t even allow you to trade Gold on their platform.

Indices such as US30 and NAS100, which have been popularized by social media, can be seen on the majority of unregulated brokers, whereas it won’t be seen on the majority of regulated brokers. Trading Bitcoin (not investing) on a regulated broker in the US is not seen as much, whereas that AND Ethereum AND DogeCoin, along with others are able to be traded on most unregulated brokerage firms.

So there are some pros and cons to both. It is always advised to use a regulated broker due to the fact that your hard earned money is at play. Unregulated brokers can offer a million pros, but there is always one thing that must remain in the back of your mind: there is a small chance that you won’t ever get your money because unregulated brokers don’t HAVE to give it to you.

They can, and in the instances I’ve seen, they will…but they don’t have to. On the other hand, a regulated broker, even with smaller leverage and less access to all types of pairs/indices/cryptos, has to give you your money.

When you’re deciding on choosing a broker, whether it’s between a market-maker or an ECN, or a regulated broker and an unregulated broker, make sure to check out a few more things.


You must check the withdrawal methods of these brokers. Most unregulated brokers offer “Bitcoin” as a withdrawal method. It’s not tracked or traced and comes fairly quickly. Regulated brokers are able to send the money via a Bank Wire, PayPal, Visa/Mastercard, and more. Make sure you’re able to get your money back the minute you DEMAND IT!

NOTE: Withdrawals taking 1-4 business days is normal. Make sure the minute you request it, the process has already started, and there’s no hassle.

Customer Service

Make sure you’re able to contact someone in case there are any problems! If you contact someone, you shouldn’t have to wait 2 weeks to hear from someone. You’re a client and you should be treated as such; so the minute there’s a problem, make sure you’re able to physically talk to someone whether via email or phone.

NOTE: Most unregulated brokers do not operate via Phone. I had an issue with Forex.com, and I sent an email to their department, so I got a call within 10 minutes!

OKAY! Enough information on brokers and the History of Forex and definitions within the Forex industry. It’s now time to learn what you’ve been waiting to learn the whole time…. How to read a Forex chart! AKA: Technical Analysis.