Trading in the Zone

By Mark DouglasReleased on January, 2001
Trading in the Zone
  • This book is in my top 2 all time trading books. Sometimes it’s #1, and at the VERY WORST it’s #2, but I do think every aspiring trader needs to read this book. Mark Douglas does an amazing job teaching the true importance of trading and how to really view the market.


  • While most newbies think more chart work will help elevate their trading, this book takes the opposite approach. You can be the greatest analyst in the world and that still won’t help you click that buy or sell button. There’s a reason why there are open jobs available  within the world strictly for analyzing a chart. Analyzing the market and actually having the guts to get in and risk REAL MONEY are two different things. It takes someone with a different mindset to CONSISTENTLY click buy/sell over and over again over a set period of time; following their strategies down to a T. 


  • This book is strictly on the psychology of trading and I think every trader shouldn’t click a BUTTON on a live account before reading this book. It’ll put everything into perspective for you in my opinion.


  • My Personal Rating: 96
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