Tools of Titans

By Tim FerrissReleased on December, 2016
Tools of Titans
  • Tool of Titans is a MASSIVE BOOK that will probably be the biggest book you have. It’s over 600 pages long and it’s another Q&A styled book. This is the same author who wrote the 4-Hour Work Week!


  • Tim Ferriss interviews all of the most influential people in their corrective field for this book. He focuses on 3 parts: Health, Wealth, and being Wise. So of course there’s an interview with WWE Wrestler Triple H for one of the healthy sections, there’s an interview with Billionaire Chris Sacca for the wealth section, and an interview with Jack Dorsey (Twitter and Square) for the Wise section! Even though he clearly could’ve been in the wealth section; just like Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the wealthy section when he easily could’ve been in the Health section. (They still answer questions relating to the other category even if their chapter is in a specific one).


  • This book is amazing and gives you insight to the minds of some of the world’s richest, healthiest, and smartest people!


  • My Personal Rating: 86
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