The Total Money Makeover

By Dave RamseyReleased on September, 2013
The Total Money Makeover
  • This book is a great book about getting rid of Debt. Dave Ramsey offers some ways to clear your debt as fast as you can by actually providing a strategy to pay it off, as opposed to simply paying them off with no clear-cut plan in sight other than “to get it to 0.” There’s a strategy behind it!


  • He also debunks some myths about having a credit card, taking out loans, making money while being a Christian, and more. He also hates having everything relating to credit which can provide SUCH an interesting point of view! He believes if you don’t have the CASH to pay for something, you shouldn’t buy it; and provides scenarios where you can take out a loan (only if you absolutely must). I’d love it if everyone who had SOME form of debt could read this book. It’ll open your eyes to see how other people around the world view money and credit!

  • This is the best book in MY opinion on getting rid of debt.
  • My Personal Rating: 98
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