The Bitcoin Tutor

By Marc A. CarignanReleased on March, 2014
The Bitcoin Tutor
  • This book and the other Bitcoin Book in my Book List: “Bitcoin: And the Future of Money,” kind of go over similar things with the latter being way more in depth. This book is probably for the absolute beginner and it’s short. It’s literally similar to a tutor breaking Bitcoin down for you as if you knew nothing. “Bitcoin: And the Future of Money,” does so as well but its a little long (over 215+ pages) and it may take someone a little longer to read that than this one (although I feel like that book as a WHOLE is better), this one may be more simpler.
  • Aside from talking about what Bitcoin is and how it was created, this book talks about how to send and receive Bitcoins. As I said above on how it’s an actual tutor… it is. “Do this, go here, upload this document to Coinbase or another online wallet website you chose, fund your wallet, this would be your potential wallet address,” – a legitimate step by step book.
  • Again, I’m not saying you should be investing or trading Bitcoin, but I would recommend both books for those who are curious about Bitcoin and want to know the two author’s opinions on it so they can potentially make a well-informed decision on what they’d like to do; if they’d like to do anything. Worth the read in my opinion.
  • My Personal Rating: 84
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