Social Media Made Me Rich

By Matthew LoopReleased on January, 2016
Social Media Made Me Rich
  • If you’re someone who wants to earn some type of income from social media, I actually think this book is better than #AskGaryVee. Why? #AskGaryVee is a Q&A. Someone asked a question via YouTube and Gary answered it. This book is 500+ pages of the author Matthew Loop, explaining how he got rich from social media. He gives real life examples, walks you through the entire process of starting from the bottom and takes you step by step until you reach the top, and gives thought-provoking exercises!


  • I think ANY influencer or anybody who desires to be an influencer needs to read this book. I’m not saying they SHOULD read this book. I’m saying it’s MANDATORY. He goes step by step through EVERY platform and more in-depth than any book I’ve seen!


  • My Personal Rating: 89
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