Shark Tank: Jumpstart Your Business

By Michael Parrish DuDellReleased on November, 2013
Shark Tank: Jumpstart Your Business
  • Shark Tank! My favorite show and the ONLY show I watch on Hulu. This book is great for those who have an actual business. I wouldn’t say it’s good for those who are just trying to do something small; like a hobby for example. I would only recommend this to business owners who plan on making millions with their business because they go over EVERYTHING here. They cover patents, controlling your industry, building a team, marketing, and more. They are called Sharks for a reason, they don’t play around!
  • Overall, I do love this book as I’ve read it several times. Throughout the book, you’ll get a bunch of writings/stories from all of the sharks, including case studies of deals they’ve invested in on the show and why it was amazing.
  • My Personal Rating: 85
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