Pitch Anything

By Oren KlaffReleased on February, 2011
Pitch Anything
  • I remember reading this book when I was in my “social media management,” digital marketing phase. If you’re someone who wants to get better at persuading and pitching people when it comes to closing deals, this book is for you. It’s a pretty-interesting book as it talks about the psychology of the other person when it comes to a meeting. How are they acting? How is their body language to some of the things you’re saying? It focuses on some of these concepts and how you should respond if you’re in this scenario.
  • And the title “Pitch Anything,” holds firm. Whether you’re trying to pitch something to clients, investors, your family, or even a higher salary to your boss, some of the ideas in this book can come in handy.
  • My Personal Rating: 76
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