Millionaire FastLane

By MJ DeMarcoReleased on January, 2011
Millionaire FastLane
  • This book is definitely in my top 10 favorite books of all time. It takes all the conventional wisdom ways of thinking and transforms them into a way you should be thinking (in the author’s opinion). Whether you’re a business man or not, I think everyone should read this book because it deals with money. It’s a pretty long book as it’s over 315+ pages, but every chapter in this book is important to me. There’s not too many books where I say EVERY CHAPTER is important, but this is one of them. After each chapter, they give you a summary of what the chapter just covered which helps!
  • There’s no such thing as a “get-rich-quick” formula, as we are HEAVILY against that at The Swag Academy. This book doesn’t promote getting rich quick, but it promotes changing your way of thinking when it comes to money and having enough at 65 and retiring then.
  • I also think some people are able to read this book and it may spark an inspiration into a field they’re passionate in! Just like the top of the book in the picture says: “You’ll learn more in two days from this book than you will in two years of business college courses, and it’s 1/100th of the price!” And while that statement is VERY controversial and most people will have their opinions which I respect, I…. agree. *Hides*
  • My Personal Rating: 100
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