Market Wizards

By Jack D. SchwagerReleased on February, 2012
Market Wizards
  • Just like I said Trading in the Zone is in my top 2 favorite TRADING books of all time, this was the other book! Sometimes this book is #1, and at the VERY WORST it’s #2, but I do think every aspiring trader needs to read this book. 


  • In this book, Jack interviews some of the top traders across the world and asks them about their entire journey. Whether they were in the stock market, the forex market, or focused on any other market, that didn’t matter. What mattered was how they amassed such success and what advice they could give to others. Just like Trading in the Zone is about the psychology of trading, this is no different. The main difference between these two books is Trading in the Zone is from Mark’s perspective, whereas Market Wizards has the perspective of multiple traders, and it’s written in a Q&A style; just like #AskGaryVee!
  • My Personal Rating: 87
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