How Rich Asians Think

By John C. ShinReleased on January, 2020
How Rich Asians Think
  • So this book is actually a Think and Grow Rich publication; and I actually like it BETTER than Think and Grow Rich. Think and Grow Rich to ME is a little slow-paced and methodical whereas this book is a lot more modern and it’s easier for anyone to read. They also have case studies just like “Crushing It,” by Gary Vee does, taking real-life people and their story and using it as examples. A lot of the ideologies in here are similar to Think and Grow Rich it’s similar to the Bible to me; where the King James Version is very hard for an 18 year old kid to me, but the New Living Translation is very very EASY to read and may resonate with the person more.
  • Highly recommend for those who love stimulating their brain, creating vision and mood boards, and writing down their goals. This book will hold you accountable!
  • My Personal Rating: 83
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