Crushing It

By Gary VaynerchukReleased on January, 2018
Crushing It
  • This is one of Gary Vee’s best books! While I personally love #AskGaryVee as my #1 favorite Gary Vee book, this book is right behind it. Throughout the book, you are shown stories of people of all ages, starting to do things they were passionate at, and not only things that made them money. You know how in all of Gary’s videos he talks about you never being too old to do what you love? The stories in this book shows it.
  • While this book can influence you to start your passion, I wouldn’t say it gives specific concrete business advice. It doesn’t talk about what steps you should take on creating a business like my other favorite books do, BUT what this book has that the other books don’t, are real-life examples of people who started their business at 50+ years old when their kids went to college. Or even young adults who took less-paying jobs because it made them happier being a YouTuber than working in a corporate office. And I can even argue, that is just as valuable as a standard business book because you get to see real life people.
  • The best part of the book is that for all the stories Gary had, he tagged their social media account! So if they still have the same handle on their accounts now that they did in 2018, you can go and look them up and see where their journey is now.
  • Also, since VaynerMedia is a digital marketing company, the book HEAVILY talks about what you should do on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and more as a business owner.
  • My Personal Rating: 84
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