Bitcoin: And the Future of Money

By Jose PaglieryReleased on September, 2014
Bitcoin: And the Future of Money

Bitcoin and the Future of Money…… what can I say about this book man. It’s a lot to say! I first read this book as a sophomore in college in late 2015, and to see where Bitcoin is now, in 2021, this book did not lie at all. It’s more popular than ever now which is amazing to see. I didn’t just come across Bitcoin in 2020 like a lot of people did. I knew about it since 2014, and read this book in late 2015. It’s amazing to see how it unfolded.

If you want to learn in DEPTH about Bitcoin, how to invest in it, the risks associated with it, how the government feels about it and more, I can’t find too many better books on this cryptocurrency than this! Highly recommend for those who are interested in Cryptocurrency and those who just love finance as a whole. Even if you don’t believe in Bitcoin, I still feel being up to date on everything that’s related to finance is always good!

  • My Personal Rating: 89
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