By Gary VaynerchukReleased on October, 2017
  • If you’re someone who cares about having a presence on social media, this book is a must read! It’s actually a unique book as it’s literally a Q&A with Gary Vee. Questions are in bold and his response is in plain text. Questions range from: “How to grow a following on Facebook?” to “How many times should I post per week on Instagram” to “How to gain YouTube subscribers?” Not only does he talk about social media followers, he also talks about doing what makes you HAPPY! You totally can build a brand while working a 9-5. You totally can be 50 years old and start living your dream. There’s no age limit. Do what makes you happy!


  • Gary’s responses are real and candid. What’s funny is, a lot of this book is directly from #AskGaryVee verbatim, a Q&A Gary holds on YouTube, just in written format! 


  • My Personal Rating: 98
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