5AM Club

By Robin SharmaReleased on December, 2018
5AM Club
  • Highly recommend for beginner entrepreneurs. What’s crazy is, I DIDN’T read this book at the start of my entrepreneur journey. I read it last year for the first time and to me, it was more so-like “oh, I knew this already. I’ve already been applying these concepts since 2015.” So while I wouldn’t recommend for those who have already been entrepreneurs for years now, it still is an amazing book for those who are seriously entering this world.
  • Of course the 5AM Club centers around waking up around 5am to get your day started. It’s more of a fiction book that tells an exact story. It’s not your conventional business-entrepreneur book that focuses on a set of rules, explains those rules, has case-studies, talks about social media and growing your business, and more. Nope. Not that at all. It’s an actual story/book that focuses on maximizing your productivity by starting your day earlier; and it starts off with two strangers who come across a billionaire. The formula and some of the step by step methods described in the book are pretty good and would be super valuable to a new entrepreneur in my opinion!
  • My Personal Rating: 80
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