4-Hour Workweek

By Tim FerrissReleased on April, 2007
4-Hour Workweek
  • This book is different from the rest. While those who may read my other books for trading material or finance information, this book is mainly for business owners. It stresses the importance of not trying to maximize EVERY dollar. This is why Grant Cardone (author of the 10X Rule) and Tim Ferriss (author of the 4-Hour Work Week) clash, with Grant throwing shots at Tim in several interviews.


  • In this book, Tim talks about how business owners need to have more freedom. You should not be in the workplace every single day. You should not work 16 hours a day. If you are a business owner, you need to outsource so YOU can have more free time. Eliminate everything distracting you by automating them. You don’t like to read emails? Good, have a virtual assistant overseas answer them for you. You don’t like to attend Zoom meetings that serve no purpose? Great, have that virtual assistant make it mandatory for anyone who wants to have a meeting with you, to outline what they want to talk about in the meeting in an email beforehand, so you can read it and understand if this meeting is worth your time or not. You want to go on vacation? Great, have your team handle the most important work and all YOU have to do is make major decisions. While Tim Ferris is a multi-millionaire, he doesn’t think 100% of the money should come from him. From how this book is presented, he’s not trying to be a billionaire. He’s trying to go snorkeling in Cabo one week, do MMA-style training in Thailand the next, and eat Pasta in Italy the next while your most important team members are handling most of the work and making decisions for you. He’s so into only working 4 hours a week, in this book he talks about not doing his own research on who he should vote to be the next president! He says he emails a few of his closest friends who’re into politics, asks them to create pros & cons to both, let him know who they’re voting for, and then he’ll make a decision. Tim really doesn’t like to waste any time on things he doesn’t have to do… like watching countless debates on which president to vote for! 


  • As I said before, this book is different from the rest and I totally think it’ll benefit business owners or those who want to start a business more so than the average person. While saying that, I do think the average person should read it just to see a different view point from another multi-millionaire. 
  • My Personal Rating: 91
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