10X Rule

By Grant CardoneReleased on April, 2011
10X Rule
  • This book is my favorite “grind” book. Tonight, write down EVERYTHING you want to achieve tomorrow from start to finish. Tackle everything work related, family related, fitness related and more. You can complete everything on your “productive day” list, and if you read this book, you’ll STILL feel like you aren’t doing enough. Like there’s a bunch more you can do.


  • This book kicked my work into overdrive. The 10X Rule still believes you should sleep 8 hours a day so don’t think this is a book about barely sleeping. It’s more so about being awake for 16 hours and maximizing EVERY SECOND of those 16 hours in a productive way as opposed to working HARD for 5 hours, LIGHT for 5 hours, having 3 hours of leisure/Netflix time, and 2 hours of family & workout time. If you are a person who likes mapping out your goals, then this book is totally for you! On one condition: you have to understand that no matter WHAT your goals are, you more than likely set them too low. You want to be a millionaire… Why not aim for 10 Million? You want to be a singer… Why not try to be the next Beyonce? Even if you fall short, you’ll end up being in a WAY better spot than 99% of the world! And that’s what the 10X Rule is all about.
  • My Personal Rating: 100
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