10 Pillars of Wealth

By Alex BeckerReleased on March, 2016
10 Pillars of Wealth
  • This book is an interesting book. It’s actually one of my favorite 10 books that I’ve ever read. Reason being is Alex, the author, lists 10 pillars that you must understand if you want to be wealthy. These aren’t 10 WAYS to get rich. He’s more so explaining the mindset you need to have in order to get to this level.


  • If the second half of Rich Dad Poor Dad is too complex for you right now, that’s fine. You can read this book in its ENTIRETY and fully understand it. Rich Dad Poor Dad has one overall concept that you need to remember while providing a MILLION examples surrounding that one concept. “Rich people make money, buy assets and then buy liabilities with their assets whereas poor people make money, and then buy liabilities.” This book has 10 different principles; all equally as important!
  • My Personal Rating: 100
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