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It’s nice to meet you.

We are passionate about finance, trying to give traders across the globe the best experience possible! We’re not a MLM so you don’t have to recruit a single person. We don’t think you should pay thousands of dollars just to learn how to day trade. Just come trying to understand day trading as we try and simplify a hard industry as best as we can to you, and enjoy the experience inside!

Our Story

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams started learning the Forex market 7 years ago as has been trading ever since! In Year 6, The Swag Academy was created to help educate others on the Forex market and entrepreneurship as a whole.

Swaggy never had a goal to start an educational course. After posting screenshots of his trading and his analysis on his social media, a lot of people started to DM him asking for clarity on what the market is and how to trade it.

Instead of helping each person on an individual basis, he created a program and a fun experience to try to simplify this hard industry as much as possible to those that wanted to learn!

While the numbers show us that The Swag Academy is the #1 best educational Forex content on YouTube, we believe that we BY FAR have the best online program for you as well to further enhance your knowledge. We are proud to have this program and we welcome anyone that wants to join.

Things to Know

As we mention on our YouTube channel, we do not give signals out. We do not have a “secret” method.  No strategy works 100% of the time. We do not have an automated algorithm/bot that trades for you. I, Swaggy C, am a Certified Financial Educator Instructor registered with the NFEC and my goal is to teach those that are interested in learning more about day trading, about it! I genuinely have a passion for this industry and I’m hoping to influence every single person within my program in some capacity; even if it’s just by 1%. The Swag Academy has an awesome experience inside for everyone and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it!

Our Team

Down below is the amazing team that makes this experience complete! Without their consistent help, this program wouldn’t be where it is.

Chris Williams
Founder / CEO
Bayleigh Dayton
Chief Financial Officer
Tiffany Haynes Picture
Tiffany Haynes
Chief Operations Officer
Daron English
Trader Analyst
Dominique Lucca
Swag Academy Manager
Nilaja Wyatt
Swag Academy Manager
Brandon Esparza
Brandon Esparza
Head of Content
Leah Robinson

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